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I book trips all year long. I will use different techniques and baits depending on the time of year.

In the Summer I usually book trips at night or leave before daylight and fish to mid morning because of the heat. This is not the best time of year to catch big fish, but they are caught periodically. The stripers are in search of cool water and school. The opportunity to catch more fish at one time is higher. 

In the Fall with the cooling water temperatures the stripers really get to moving. Stripe are a cold water fish and prefer cooler water temperatures.  As the water temperature gets cooler the fishing gets better. Fall and Spring are the best chances of catching a big fish.

In April and May I do most fishing on topwater. There is nothing like getting a fish on topwater!

If you can stand the cold, Winter is also a good time to fish. The cold season brings catching numbers versus size.


I use both live and artificial baits, which will be provided for you.

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